About the founder

born from countless sunny days on the beach dreaming and designing.

one of my earliest memories is of a bright pink and orange swimsuit with a frill neckline. i wore that swimsuit until the bum was totally picked by the pool, the smell of sunscreen and salt water were settled into the fabric, and the colors were sun faded. i loved it. swimwear has always been my favorite purchase, my favorite garment to design in school, and my favorite outfit. 

after getting my degree in fashion design and soaking up as much wisdom in the industry that I could, the time for me to spread my wings with sos has come! i feel like it has always been my destiny to create summer of spivey. it’s an extension of me, a physical representation of my deepest desire to create unique, well crafted fashion forward swimwear. is it dramatic to say i think this is my life’s purpose? maybe. but it so is. 

about the brand

getting lost in the details is where you can find summer of spivey. sos wearers can display their personal style, as the customization possibilities are limitless. the pieces can all evolve with you. convert one single swimsuit into 10 different looks. prepare to be the cutest one there at the local country club pool, on the beach in the Bahamas, on a yacht in Miami, or chasing kids in your back yard.

with a focus on longer lasting, ever-gorgeous apparel, sos is sourced from the highest quality sustainable materials, and constructed by seasoned seamstresses on the islands of Bali with the sound of the ocean near. designed in grayton beach, Florida, USA each carefully crafted piece is ethically manufactured and designed to last a lifetime. 

there’s one in every crowd - and she’s wearing summer of spivey.